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How to install Chrome on Ubuntu Linux

Google Chrome is a cross-platform web browser developed by Google. It was first released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows, built with free software components from Apple WebKit and Mozilla Firefox.
Ubuntu comes pre-installed with the Mozilla Firefox browser. But for those of you who are better off with google chrome but not sure how to install it for Ubuntu Linux, this article is just for you! Now, let’s dive in and install chrome on ubuntu

We’ll be installing chrome through 2 different methods

Install Chrome on Ubuntu via Terminal

1. Open the Terminal

install chrome on ubuntu

Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + T or just search for terminal

2. Set System up-to-date

install chrome on ubuntu

Run the following two commands in the terminal to make sure the system is up-to-date before we install chrome in ubuntu

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

3. Install wget

If you’re not sure whether you have wget installed or not, run the following command

wget --version

If you get back a version number, similar to the one in the above image, you can skip this step. Otherwise, it should mean you don’t have wget installed and you have one more command to run before you move on

Run this command in your terminal to install wget

sudo apt install wget

4. Download Chrome Package

Now that you have wget installed, let’s download the chrome package using the following command


5. Install the downloaded Package

Run the following command to install the chrome package you just downloaded

sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

6. Run Chrome

And that’s it! You just finished installing chrome on your ubuntu system. Now, if you want to start Chrome, run the following command



If running the commands doesn’t work for you, there’s also another option. But for this to work you should have an active internet connection

To download Chrome, you can head over to chrome’s website

Hit the Download Chrome button

install chrome on ubuntu

Select the download package that suits you the best, and then click Accept and Install

install chrome on ubuntu

Now, right-click the deb file you just installed and select Open with other Application

install chrome on ubuntu

After that, you have to opt for Software Install and click Select

install chrome on ubuntu

Click Install, this step might take some time

install chrome on ubuntu

After the installation is complete, you’re done!

TO SUM UP . . .

Installing google chrome isn’t as hard as it seems, it’s a lot more straightforward than doing it in windows or macOS when we use the terminal

There’s a huge area of cool stuff you can do using the command-line interface(CLI), so if you’re interested you can get started by Learning Basic Linux Commands

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